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Blue Scheelite aka Blue Lace Scheelite is a rare combination mineral from Turkey of Scheelite, Dolomite and Calcite. Blue Scheelite is a calming, emotionally balancing stone that quietens the mind’s inner chatter making it ideal for meditation.

You will receive one Blue Scheelite Tumbled Stone Small-Medium from the lot pictured size approximately 20-25mm, 6-10g. Due to the rarity of this stone only a small amount is available.

The yellow / orange colour Scheelite comes from Tungsten, a rare Earth mineral. Some of the layered patterning found in Blue Scheelite is similar to Rhodochrosite.

Use Blue Scheelite to tune into the higher self and align intentions with your soul’s purpose. Blue Scheelite fosters clarity of thought and reminds us to be creative and go with the flow. Blue Scheelite stabilising energy aligns the sacral, throat and crown chakras for deeper awareness and spiritual connection.