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Blue Kyanite is a tranquil stone of ascension and empowerment that aligns all chakras and amplifies high-frequency energies. It opens and brings healing energy to the throat chakra, making it an ideal crystal for anyone who seeks support with speaking, thought clarification and authentic communication. 

You will receive one Blue Kyanite Tumbled Stone Small from the lot pictured size approximately 21-35mm, 5-7g. These are extra quality Blue Kyanite polished blades with consistent colour.

Blue Kyanite facilitates the flow of spiritual energy and is an excellent, stabilising tool for deeper meditation. Use Blue Kyanite to facilitate self-expression, communication, harmony and introspectiveness.

Blue Kyanite’s striated bladed formation grows in layers along with Quartz which may be opaque and pearlescent. Raw Blue Kyanite is fragile and edges may slightly flake which is completely natural. Avoid using water with Blue Kyanite.