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Black Jasper or Basanite is a rare form of Jasper with protective and grounding qualities that shields from harmful energies and risky circumstances. Black Jasper helps to develop intuition and to promote confidence, balance and strength. It is a dependable stone that can be paired with high-vibration crystals for energetic stability and mental fortitude.

You will receive one Black Jasper Tumbled Stone Medium from the lot pictured size approximately 25-30mm. This lot of Black Jasper has a variety of rounded or more elongated shapes. If you have a shape preference please let me know.

Use Black Jasper with the base chakra and whenever you need to allay fears or steady your emotions. Basanite was a touchstone of the ancients and in modern times when highly polished, can be used as a scrying stone to reveal deception or what is hidden about people and situations in life or business relationships.