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Red Aventurine blends the forces of Fire and Earth to revitalize the physical body, increase the flow of life energy, and inspire action-oriented manifestation. By clearing the Root Chakra and reigniting creativity, sexuality, and confidence, Red Aventurine helps you to achieve your desires with ease.

You will receive one Aventurine Red Tumbled Stone Large Grade A from the lot pictured size approximately 27-30mm, 16-20g. This Red Aventurine is an orangey-red colour expertly tumbled with a wonderfully smooth finish.

This stone also offers guidance on your path of self-discovery, assisting in overcoming ego-driven hindrances and encouraging self-forgiveness and commitment. It soothes frayed tempers and diffuses domestic tension, making it a valuable ally in relationships.

Red Aventurine is a composite of Quartz, Feldspar, and sometimes Mica or Hematite, which gives it a shimmering quality. It is most found in red or green, but it can also come in blue, yellow, and white hues.

Aventurine optimizes the self through alignment, balance, and actualization. By unifying the various aspects of your being - mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, unconscious, and the masculine and feminine - this mineral helps you to become the best version of yourself. It ignites enthusiasm, creativity, individuality, motivation, leadership, and decisiveness, encouraging you to pursue your aspirations with positivity and optimism. Its energy is supportive yet not overpowering, working to enhance your inner aspects and guide you towards intuitive action.