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Arfvedsonite is an ultra-rare black-dark brown amphibole mineral for wisdom, manifestation and visualisation. It features bladed inclusions in tones of metallic silvery grey-green and blue that flare across the stone’s surface.

You will receive the one Arfvedsonite Polished Crystal Sphere pictured size approximately 57mm, 283g. This Arfvedsonite sphere has a contrasting brown and black base with subtle streaks of blue and other feathered metallic inclusions. This sphere which comes with a Hematite ring stand for immediate display and enjoyment.

Use Arfvedsonite when you are ready to set intentions and manifest your dreams and desires into reality. As a potent healing stone, Arfvedsonite activates the third eye and connects the third eye and base chakras for mindfulness, insight and clarity. It reminds us to trust our intuition and reach for the stars. Pair Arfvedsonite with Citrine to attract success or wealth and with Green Aventurine for new beginnings, opportunities and luck.