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Star Aragonite is a rare, earthy, nurturing crystal of positivity that beams loving energy from the various points of its unmistakable star formation. Star Aragonite soothes and helps us to connect and ground to the Earth, releasing any burdening negativity.

You will receive one Star Aragonite Raw Natural Stone Cluster from the lots pictured size approximately:

XL - 35-45mm, 22-30g
XXL - 35-45mm, 31-40g (2 lots)
JUMBO - 38-48mm, 41-50g
X-JUMBO - 45-50mm, 51-60g

These Moroccan Star Aragonite clusters feature clear and mostly earthy tones with unique, irregular shaped formations. They get their colour from the rich clay deposits and you may find some small amounts of this embedded in your crystal which is typical with this type of mineral formation and can be easily removed if desired. Please note these clusters are mined by hand and as such an occasional point may be missing in the overal formation however each cluster has been closely examined and vetted for quality and are displayed in the product listing photographs. Choose your preferred size using the Options menu below.

Use Star Aragonite to raise your vibration and in any meditation for planetary conservation. It is an energizing crystal that radiates light, love and wellbeing.

Option: XL