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Aquamarine is Blue Beryl, a relaxing blue/green stone that attracts love and good luck. It is an auspicious talisman for travellers, especially water-related voyages as Aquamarine derives its name from the Latin aqua marinus ‘water of the sea’.

You will receive one Aquamarine Tumbled Stone Small Grade A-AA S2 from the lot pictured size approximately 12-36mm, 4-5g. This is a coveted light sea green Aquamarine of premium quality. There is plenty of sparkle in these gemmy, semi-translucent crystals which are polished smooth. These stones retain natural surface texture and grooves which is consistent with Beryl.

Aquamarine is known as a stone of courage, tolerance, flow and inner peace. It helps with emotional healing and is an excellent choice for highly sensitive people and those who are dealing with information overload.

Use Aquamarine when you seek justice and closure to situations where rational, dispute resolution is required. Aquamarine assists self-expression and facilitates clear communication making it a wonderful stone to use with the throat chakra and for thyroid support.