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Ametrine is a natural Quartz combination of Amethyst and Citrine. This relatively rare purple and gold crystal is known to be very healing and energetically protective. When you seek balance, Ametrine will harmonize mind, body, spirit to reduce stress and encourage emotional wellbeing. Its equalizing properties offer energetic protection, removal of spiritual blockages and at the same time brings positive, inspirational energy that boosts vitality, creativity and supports overall transformation.

You will receive one Ametrine Tumbled Stone Medium Grade A from the lot pictured size approximately 24-33mm, 8-11g. This lot of Bolivian Ametrine has a mix of shapes with a good proportion of gold and purple.

Use Ametrine as a wealth manifestation tool and for spiritual clarity where it has been said to amplify spiritual knowledge and meditation. The cleansing ability of Ametrine heightens concentration and promotes mental clarity. It is a wonderful crystal to provide stability and resistance against cravings and is a potent stone to use with the solar plexus and crown chakras. Ametrine stimulates higher consciousness and encourages tranquillity and peace which elevates our self-awareness and soul connection to help us live with intention.