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Amethyst is a purple variety of Quartz that exudes a tranquil, calming energy making it one of the most popular stones for stress release, balance and soothing anxiety. As a highly practical and effective meditation tool, Amethyst activates spiritual awareness and protectively guards against psychic attack. Amethyst is an ideal stone to use with the third eye and crown chakras. It opens the pathways to divine connection, calling in peace and heightening intuition. Amethyst is a quintessential crystal to use for strengthening will against negative addictive behavioural patterns.

You will receive the one Amethyst Dragon Tooth Raw Polished Wand as pictured size approximately 330 x 75 x 40mm, 693g. This giant Amethyst Dragon Tooth Raw Polished Wand includes light Smoky Quartz. It has a natural, unpolished base and polished tip. The polished tip provides a window into the crystal where you can see phantoms, rainbows and the gemmy, internal characteristics that make this wand so incredibly EPIC! This is a full-length, fully formed scepter Amethyst with a naturally tapered end point - almost impossible to find with these specimens.Source: Bahia, Brazil.

Amethyst clears negative energy and attracts positive energy making it an excellent stone to wear or place around physical spaces, particularly in the bedroom for a restful, contented sleep. Interestingly, the Greek word amethystos means ‘not drunk’. Ancient Romans and Greeks would drink wine from ceremonial amethyst goblets learn truths without intoxication. Amethyst’s purple colour occurs naturally as trace iron is irradiated by gamma rays during the crystallisation process. Amethyst may fade if kept in direct sunlight.