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Amber is a highly protective, nurturing stone of renewal that acts as a shield against negative energies. Known to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and restore balance, Amber is fossilized resin from self-healing trees. It has an earthy, high vibration that is grounding and light bearing.

You will receive one Amber Baltic Golden Red Tumbled Stone XS from the lots pictured size approximately:

#1 - 18-24mm, 2.2g
#2 - 19-24mm, 1.5-1.8g
#3 - 26mm, 1-1.2g

This collection of Baltic Amber includes a mix of unique pieces ranging from dark golden to golden red. Choose your preferred size via the options menu below. 

Amber stimulates intellect, fosters clarity, and helps propel ideas to actuality. When seeking truth and understanding of a greater purpose, Amber awakens ancient wisdom particularly when worn for extended periods.

The transmutational properties of Amber shift negative vibrations into positive making it ideal for boosting confidence and self-worth. Use Amber with the sacral, throat and higher heart chakras and to cleanse and reactivate all chakras. It fosters peace and stability and is an uplifting crystal that evokes warmth and comfort.