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Amazonite is a blue green stone of hope, truth, communication and boundaries. It is a practical tool for encouraging authentic, heart-centred communication and self-awareness. Prized in Ancient Egypt and known as Amazon Jade, Amazonite is the crystal ally for tuning into your intuition and trusting intuitive wisdom and emotions. Amazonite supports clear self-expression and fosters willpower and aspirations that help you to create positive realities aligned with your higher self.

You will receive one Amazonite Tumbled Stone Grade A from the lots pictured size approximately:

XL: 33mm, 20-22g
Large: 22-48mm, 15-19g
Medium: 22-40mm, 10-14g
Small: 17-26mm, 6-9g

This African Amazonite is such a gorgeous teal blue with sheen and pearly veins. You will find the occasional spot of contrasting tan marking and this is all part of its natural beauty. These smooth stones have been carefully selected and are excellent quality with very little to no micro surface pitting.

Amazonite can be used for the heart and throat chakras and is excellent for dream manifestation and calling what you seek into existence. It is an ideal stone for courage, confidence and energetic harmony. Allow the soothing greenish-blue tones of Amazonite to impart a sense of balance and tranquillity as you relax, release stress and flow towards trusting your intuition and speaking your intentions with clarity.