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Moss Agate is a deeply earthy, grounding and balancing green stone that has been used throughout the ages by horticulturists and agriculturalists for promoting healthy plant growth. Moss Agate has a nourishing energy that can be used for renewed life purpose, new beginnings and friendships and fostering a greater connection to the natural world.

You will receive one Moss Agate Green Tumbled Stone Large Grade A from the lot pictured size approximately 26-31mm, 15-20g.

These stones feature a mix of mossy patterns with some more of a solid green colour. Moss Agate may have a natural mini vug or minimal surface pitting which is consistent with this type of mineral. Overall, the quality of these Green Moss Agate crystals is excellent.

Use Moss Agate with the heart chakra and when you want more stability and to attract what you need in life including money flow and luck.