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Indigo Gabbro is a black and grey mottled combination stone of predominantly Feldspar and Quartz found only in Madagascar. It has a gentle, calming, mystical energy that is used for meditation, spiritual realm connection, new moon intention setting rituals, magical manifestation, developing intuition, spiritual development and wisdom.

You will receive the one Indigo Gabbro Polished Crystal Sphere pictured size approximately 50mm, 208g. This high grade Madagascan Indigo Gabbro sphere has multiple reflective patches within the stone and comes with a bonus Hematite ring stand for immediate placement and enjoyment.

Use Indigo Gabbro to align all chakras and for awareness and deeper self-connection. Also known as Mystic Merlinite, this plutonic rock forms from cooled magma and may display hues of indigo among the black Pyroxene and flashing patches of iridescence from Muscovite mica.