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Pink Amethyst is a soothing and empowering pink crystal for unconditional love and divine self-love. This tranquil stone of spiritual growth and positivity helps us to connect to our soul and inner self and fosters compassion and self-expression.

You will receive the exact Pink Amethyst Polished Crystal Heart pictured size approximately 220 x 170 x 34.2mm, 2.155g.

This dreamy extra large Brazilian Pink Amethyst Heart will elevate any home or sacred space with its presence. It twinkles with micro sparkles and has a striking natural patterning across the surface including several vugs and one that enables you to see inside the crystal. Vugs are super sparkly due to the druse crystals that are a feature of the stone.

This Pink Amethyst Heart is expertly cut and polished with an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical heart shape that sits comfortably on the large acrylic display stand that's provided for immediate placement and enjoyment.

Use Pink Amethyst to heal and open the heart chakra and connect with the crown and higher chakras for deeper wisdom and spiritual development.