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Black obsidian Arrowhead is hand carved volcanic glass that is highly protective against psychic attack. It is a sacred tool offering ancient grounding qualities and is commonly used to emotionally cut away negative patterns, stress and harmful energy. By absorbing toxic energy, Black Obsidian provides clarity and clear mindedness, enabling a higher level of self-awareness. Additionally, Black Obsidian is an effective healing stone for all types of trauma and in times of grief.

You will receive one Black Obsidian Raw Carved Arrowhead from the lot pictured size approximately 30-50mm, 6-10g. These small-medium sized arrowheads are hand-carved in Mexico and each piece is uniquely shaped with flat and curved features.

Black Obsidian Arrowheads are fragile and have sharp edges. Store away from other stones. This stone is typically a personal stone and one not to be shared. Take care when slicing away negative energy as you cleanse your aura. Ensure the tip of the arrowhead, whether it is flat or slightly curved, faces away from the body during energetic cleansing practices.