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Celestite is also known as Celestine. It can be colourless; however, it is the angelic pale blue mineral from Madagascar that is most commonly available in crystalline celestite geodes.

You will receive one Celestite Raw Natural Geode Cluster from the lots pictured. Most are sized approximately 50-70mm x 33-55mm, 131-229g. There are a couple of narrower/longer pieces.

These Madagascan Celestite clusters are mostly extra quality grade and provide excellent value as they are a sturdy variety of Celestite with little to no crumbly matrix (you might get a few tiny specks but overall they have a tight point formation). There are a couple of A- in the mix and each cluster has been carefully graded and priced accordingly.

You will find a variety of sizes and grades in each lot. Choose your preferred cluster via the options menu below and simply match the Lot number and #. 

Celestite is the ideal crystal for anyone who seeks peace and serenity. It is a popular antidote to stress related anxiety and for bringing calming, gentle vibes to the bedroom to help with restful sleep and dream recall.

A stone for spiritual development, Celestite may help you to connect with your spirit guide and access universal wisdom. Placing Celestite near the crown chakra encourages mental clarity and may stimulate clairvoyance.

Additionally, for deep meditation or crystal healing, using Celestite at the soul star chakra, which is known as the seat of the soul, to encourage a sense of floating outside the physical body.

Working with Celestite at the throat chakra promotes fluent communication and conflict resolution. Celestite is a fragile stone and shouldn’t be soaked in water.