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Black Tourmaline is a highly-effective protection stone and a vital negativity shield. Black Tourmaline transmutes electromagnetic radiation making it ideal for placement near computers and spaces where there is abundant technology.

A pendulum is a practical energy tool used in dowsing and divining. Pendulums are typically used to answer simple yes or no questions and assist in every day decision making.

You will receive one Black Tourmaline Polished Crystal Pendulum XL from the lot pictured size approximately 48-50mm (tapered, faceted pendulum). The attached chain includes a single bead of Clear Quartz.

Also known as Schorl, Black Tourmaline is grounding and in its raw state features striated crystals which mostly smooth out in tumbled form. Black Tourmaline is indispensable for our busy, tech-laden lifestyles as it helps us to connect and ground with Earth's restorative energies.