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You will receive one Oracle Card Deck: The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell. These cards come with a guidebook and are brand new and unopened in a sealed box.

The Rose Oracle
Unlock the Sacred Mysteries of the Rose
By: Rebecca Campbell

The Rose Oracle is designed to inspire, support, and guide the reader on their path to discover the sacred feminine, devotion, and beauty. A breathtakingly beautiful invitation to reconnect with the Goddess and celebrate the sacredness of nature and the feminine form in all of her expressions.

Rebecca Campbell, co-creator of The Starseed Oracle,brings you a new card deck to show you the way on the paths of the sacred feminine, devotion, and beauty.

The Rose Oracleis a diverse, sensual oracle celebrating nature and the beauty of every single day. When you use these cards, you will be able to connect with the mystery of nature and trust the whisper of your soul. Each card is a potent activation holding the sacred codes of the rose and the intelligence of Life. The oracle explores the great mysteries associated with the rose both in an ancient sense and in a way that will deeply resonate with those who feel the call of the rose today.

The rose is a symbol that can be found in sacred art throughout the ages, its mysteries hidden in plain sight. The path of the rose is the path of a lineage of souls who have devoted their lifetimes to unwinding and unbinding the presence of the feminine and the Great Mother back into everyday life. Walking this path means being devoted to seeing yourself as nature and creating beauty wherever you go.

Janelle’s view: The Rose Oracle invites you to connect with Her energy, sacred wisdom and beauty and explore the medicine of the rose as part of your sacred practice. Presented and designed in a similar format to the Starseed Oracle, the key theme of each card consists of delicate roses, goddess and spiritual imagery and symbolism. This is mostly feminine silhouettes and one masculine form showing a range of skin tones and age range. The deck has a familiar design style consisting of interesting and accessible imagery that is very layered. The colours include soft pinks, muted pastels and neutrals with occasional aqua pops and some darker colours in the mix. The overall aesthetic of The Rose Oracle conveys the knowledge the author wants to share with the reader in an acceptable format. The card descriptions and keywords are presented on a neutral background and the satin matt finished card stock makes them smooth, sturdy and easy to shuffle. The unnumbered cards have a corresponding reference in the 151-page guidebook including supporting keywords, detailed description and soul inquiry (questions to consider) and messages (rose transmission). The Ancient Roots of the Rose section is informative and The Rose Oracle Attunement card is a practical addition to this well-conceived oracle deck which is destined to be a cherished energy tool for all who are drawn to work with it. Highly recommended.

About the Author
Rebecca Campbell is a writer, poet, mystic, artist, ritualist, and mother. Her creations are dedicated to weaving the soul back into everyday life. Born in Australia, Rebecca now lives in Glastonbury, UK. Fascinated by the great mysteries, Rebecca answered an inner call to the sacred sites of her ancestry at 18 and has had several initiatory awakening experiences since. A channel, Rebecca has been consciously working with the rose and other plans since 2010. Prior to sharing her visions through her oracles and books, Rebecca was an award-winning creative director.

Dimensions (cm):14.0 x 10.0 x 4.7
Weight (kg):0.36

Please note: The crystals pictured with the oracle cards are for display only and are not included for sale in this listing.