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You will receive one Oracle Card Deck: Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco. These cards come with a guidebook and are brand new and unopened in a sealed box.

Queen of the Moon Oracle – Stacey Demarco

Guidance through lunar and seasonal energies

For countless millennia, humans have connected to the mystical power of the moon and the energy of the seasons. For our ancient ancestors, the earliest veneration and sacred honouring was of the Moon, the seasons, the cycles of light and dark, hot and cold and fertility and rest, and this beautifully illustrated Queen of the Moon Oracle allows you, the modern seeker, to plug into these, the most primal energies of all.

Consult this oracle, based in ancient wisdom and receive the answers to your modern problems.


  • A full moon cycle of lunar images, each beautifully illustrated and able to be used as stunning circular altar displays
  • Experience the seasonal moons and the power they can provide
  • Learn which moons are best timings for ritual, spellcraft and making talismans for prosperity, love, health and more
  • Stunning artwork by Kinga Britschgi
  • Makes a great gift for anyone interested in lunar and seasonal energies, spirituality, and personal growth


  • 44 full colour cards, each depicting a moon phase
  • 107-page full colour guidebook with descriptions and a key word relating to each card
  • Instructions on using the cards as a tool for self-discovery
  • Coated gloss card stock, flexible, smooth shuffling
  • Rounded card corners and edge-to-edge printing
  • High quality presentation with beautifully designs cards and packaging

The Queen of the Moon Oracle is an ideal energy tool for harnessing the potent energy of the moon and is for anyone who is fascinated by the moon and moon cycles. Highly recommended!


Stacey Demarco is one of Australia's most high profile and trusted meta-physicists and pagan practitioners. She is the founder of Natureluster, a movement to reconnect people with the power of nature.


Kinga Britschgi is an award winning Hungarian digital artist and illustrator who loves surrealism, magical realism and dark whimsy, creating ‘story pictures’: figurative pictures with seemingly realistic elements that often result in surrealistic, mysterious images with lots of layers of meanings.

Please note: The crystals pictured with the oracle cards are for display only and are not included for sale in this listing.