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Almandine Garnet is deep reddish-black crystal with fiery, yet stabilizing energy. Emotionally protective, Almandine Garnet guards against those who seek to drain emotional energy. It prevents self-blame and anger suppression and is a useful tool to boost vitality.

You will receive one Almandine Garnet Raw Natural Stone Large from the lot pictured size Large approximately 20-25mm, 13-19g. These rough, unpolished dark ruby red Almandine Garnets from India will enchant you with their natural beauty. Each Almandine Garnet is unique with its shape and colour. These stones have a textured appearance and are as they are found (with exception of being professionally cleaned). Some are doubles, others are domed or dodecahedral and yes, they have the odd rough spot which is consistent with a raw, natural stone. Please zoom in on the product photograph for a closer look.

Polished Almandine Garnet is also available in the shop if you seek a smooth, high polished finish.

Use Almandine Garnet for the base / root, sacral and heart chakras as it an ideal crystal ally for passion, sensuality and deeper connection to the physical and spiritual self.