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Chlorite is a highly cleansing green mineral. It is often found with Clear Quartz either as inclusions, phantoms or layered deposits. Clear Quartz amplifies Chlorite’s abilities to sweep away blocked, toxic energy and release pent up feelings of annoyance and resentment. Chlorite has a stabilizing energy which may soothe anxiety and overwhelming sensations of panic.

You will receive the one Chlorite Quartz Polished Specimen as pictured size approximately 60mm x 50mm, 167g. This Chlorite Quartz features a bright big rainbow near the top surface that bounces off a reflective internal pane. There is a smaller rainbow near the base as well as an interesting Chlorite inclusion that feathers out into the top of the crystal. This specimen stands upright on its own and has been polished to enhance the stone's features. It is stunning!

Chlorite has a grounding earthy energy that helps to transmute negativity. It radiates forgiveness and compassion and is an ideal crystal to use with the earth star, higher heart and heart chakras for higher consciousness, purification, soul alignment and spiritual development.

Clear Quartz is a popular, high-vibration crystal known for its clarity-giving abilities. Made of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and piezoelectric, Clear Quartz is an amplifier and unlike any other crystal, can be programmed for manifestation. Clear Quartz connects and harmonizes all chakras making it a foundational restorative crystal.

Since quartz is a silicate mineral which amplifies energy, keep it away from sources of electromagnetic radiation like computers.