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This Raw Natural Stone Meditation Crystal Set featuring premium quality raw natural stone pieces of Black Tourmaline (Grade A), Clear Quartz (Special Quality), and Blue Kyanite (Grade A) has been specifically created to help you to begin or elevate your crystal meditation practice. The Meditation Crystal Set is bundled and presented in a silver-grey hessian drawstring pouch and comes with a bonus free White Selenite Crystal Stick (Extra Quality) for energetic cleansing.

You will receive one Raw Natural Stone Meditation Crystal Set L2 from the lots pictured which includes the following crystals with approximate sizing:

1 x Black Tourmaline Raw Natural Stone Grade A (26-39g, 40-50mm)
1 x Clear Quartz Raw Natural Crystal Point SQ (33-34.5g, 46-57mm)
1 x Blue Kyanite Raw Natural Crystal Blade Grade A (6.9-9.9g, 35-44mm)

1 x White Selenite Raw Natural Crystal Stick EQ (30-35g, 64-68mm, 15mm thick)
1 x Silver grey hessian drawstring pouch for storage

Each crystal was carefully selected and combined as a trio to provide the ideal Meditation Crystal Set. Choose your preferred set by matching the corresponding # number via the options menu below.

The intentional combination of Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz and Blue Kyanite in Soulmate Crystals’ signature Meditation Crystal Kit are effective tools to improve your meditation practice whether you’re a beginner or more seasoned meditator. Each crystal has its own unique energy and properties, and they can be used individually or combined into pairs or as a trio for amplified effect.

For more information about crystal meditation including tips for each crystal property and meditation basics read our blog post The 3 Best Crystals for Meditation and How to Use Them.