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Palo Santo is a fragrant South American tree (Bursera graveolens) known as ‘holy wood’ that is used for smoke cleansing. Related to frankincense, copal and myrrh, the aromatic spicy notes of pine, citrus and mint in Peruvian Palo Santo is revered by shamans for sacred ceremonies that clears negative thoughts and protects against misfortune and malevolent forces. It has potent cleansing properties and is also used as a natural remedy for colds due to its high concentration of limonene. Palo Santo is a natural mosquito and flying bug repellent.

You will receive one Palo Santo Wood Cleansing Stick 3-Pack from the lot pictured (and/or same batch) size approximately 100 x 10-15mm, 25g (per 3-stick pack). This ethically harvested Peruvian Palo Santo is picked to order and stored in air-tight packaging to maintain freshness and aromatic properties. All sticks are unique and have varying thickness with differing appearance. This listing is for one pack containing three Palo Santo sticks.

Due to over consumption and to protect Palo Santo from over harvesting, it is illegal to cut down these precious trees. Only aged wood from fallen branches and trees may be collected for commercial use however illegal harvesting does occur in remote areas which is difficult to patrol and why purchasing ethically sourced and harvested Palo Santo is vital for its longevity.

Palo Santo is considered a sacred tree that has a sweet, earthy aroma that calms and centres and clears the mind. To culturally appreciate, not appropriate the use of Palo Santo use sparingly in smoke cleansing as a protection and purification tool for the home and sacred spaces as a little goes a long way. Include a gratitude blessing to mother nature and the land from which Palo Santo is found acknowledging its cultural heritage.

If you are non-native, burning Palo Santo and using it to smoke cleanse a space for protection is not appropriative provided you don’t appropriate indigenous sacred practices and rituals from other cultures.

Be safe with smoke cleansing and do so with an open window to release stagnant air and to aid air circulation. Never leave a burning stick unattended. Do not wave a lit smoke cleansing tool close to long-hanging fabrics or near combustible materials.