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Juniper is a fragrant evergreen shrub that can be used in smoke cleansing as a protection and purification tool for the home and sacred spaces. It is known to be a detoxifier, regeneration and centering herbal tool and is less problematic than White Sage.

You will receive one Juniper Herbal Cleansing Stick Bundle XL from the lot pictured size approximately 220 x 40mm, 87g. This product is stored in air-tight packaging to maintain freshness and aromatic properties.

If you are non-native, burning Juniper and using it to smoke cleanse a space for protection is not appropriative provided you don’t appropriate indigenous sacred practices and rituals from other cultures.

Be safe with smoke cleansing and do so with an open window to release stagnant air and to aid air circulation. Never leave a burning stick unattended. Do not wave a lit smoke cleansing tool close to long-hanging fabrics or near combustible materials.