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Copal is a fossilized resin from self-healing Protium copal trees. When sourced from Madagascar it is aged up to 10,000 years old (unlike Amber which is aged up to 50 million years old). 

You will receive the one Copal Raw Natural Resin Bio-Crystal Small pictured size approximately 45 x 20mm, 5.6g.

When heated, Copal releases an earthy, fragrant, perfumed aroma and can be used as a resin incense for space cleansing and purification.

Copal is also considered a bio-crystal with positive, uplifting properties. Similar to Amber, it has an earthy, high vibration that is grounding and light bearing.

Copal is light to darker gold in colour and may be clear or include organic fragments such as natural insects or other debris. Copal is fragile and should be handled with care.