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Lemurian Seed Quartz was initially discovered in Brazil and today, Lemurian Seed Quartz has been found elsewhere around the world and are mostly identifiable by raised horizontal growth marks or striations which appear along the length of alternate surfaces of the crystal like a ladder.

You will receive the one Lemurian Seed Quartz Point as pictured size approximately 170mm x 60mm, 688g.

This is an ultra-rare Lemurian mother-child formation. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of being gently, partially polished as it retains striation marks and incredible triagonal glyphs and markings.

You can see the magic inside the stone including wispy veils andinternal reflective panes which cast gorgeous rainbows. Plus, there isan inverted mini crystal manifestation point nestled inside one face near the perfectly intact apex.

There is a raw, unpolished side to the child crystal and the mother crystal so you can enjoy the natural qualities of this impressive Lemurian.This point has a natural unpolished indentation near the base making an ideal groove for the thumb or fingers to comfortably grip and rest.

Really...this Lemurian HAS IT ALL! It is a rare mineral specimen, stunning showpiece and a very special acquisition for the most discerning collector, crystal healer or lightworker.

An exceptionally high vibration crystal, Lemurian Seed Quartz is said to be encoded with vibrational information from an ancient civilization called Lemuria. Lemurian Seed Quartz brings ancient information to the ‘Now Age’ on Earth and represent personal power, equality and interdimensional wisdom that helps us to unlock our own sense of dimension and conscious awareness.

Unlike programable clear quartz, a Lemurian crystal is something you activate. Feel along the striations and ascend to connect with your Lemurian and align with its energy and wisdom. Also observe other glyphs or markings to forge a closer connection to your Lemurian.

Typically, Lemurians will find you. If you sense a connection to a Lemurian there’s a good chance this is your very own special Lemurian crystal soulmate. Because of this, it’s not recommended to share your Lemurian, rather, keep this as a sacred personal crystal for your own spiritual connection and development.

As powerful healing crystals, Lemurians activate the higher resonance of each chakra to remove blockages and channel cosmic energy through the crown chakra, throughout the body.

Working with Lemurians, which are considered master healers, allows us access deeper soul knowledge. This work can dispel harmful emotional patterns, beliefs, blockages and karmic incarnations and help us to elevate our creativity and consciousness as an awakened soul.

Call upon your Lemurian to advance your personal learning and that of our planet.

A Mother and Child crystal is also known as a Dolphin. Here, the main, larger crystal has a smaller crystal attached to one side. This uncommon crystal alignment brings loving, mothering energy. Mother and Child crystals heal and nurtures the inner child and invokes a sense of play and spirited joy.

Dolphin crystals are also wonderful crystal allies for birthing – whether it be a new project or conception of a child, this crystal reminds us of the strength and awe of the sacred mother and what this represents in our own lives and the gifts we share with the world through our own creativity and love.