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Citrine is the ultimate prosperity stone and is a must-have crystal for happiness, manifestation, positivity and self-worth. It's a personal power crystal that evokes sun energy with it's golden yellow colour and is healing, and aligning, for the solar plexus chakra.

You will receive one Citrine Raw Natural Crystal Base Cut Point from the lot pictured size approximately 40 x 50mm, 75-86g. There is one larger point in the group size approximately 40 x 55mm, 106g. This is a gemmy collection of Citrine base cut points. They rarely have perfect tips however these are very close to that! Choose your preferred point via the options menu below. The photographs show a close up of the group, the largest point (#1) and the smallest point (#7) for size reference.

Citrine is either gently heat-treated purple Amethyst to get that amazing golden colour or it forms naturally, heated in the Earth by Mother Nature herself. Natural Citrine is often smoky or pale to golden yellow and is rarer than heat-treated Citrine. Either way, this Quartz gemstone is a powerful crystal ally. Citrine helps to build confidence, release prosperity blockages and activates the Golden Ray of personal power.