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Flower Agate Blossom aka Cherry Blossom Flower Agate is a Madagascan floral plume agate displaying three-dimensional flowers suspended in pale blush-mauve milky Chalcedony. Like a seed blooming into a flower, Cherry Blossom Flower Agate is a stone of positivity, conscious expansion and potential. The pretty, blossom-like plumes delight, and its nurturing qualities help to soothe distress and self-doubt.

You will receive one Agate Flower Blossom Polished Crystal Bracelet 8mm EQ from the lot pictured (and/or same batch quality) size approximately 8mm, 18g. Featuring a lovely combination of soft pinks, peach and neutral tones and occasionally spring green, these bracelets are effortlessly stylish. The beaded bracelet is stretchy and one size fits most.

Use the encouraging and transformative characteristics of Cherry Blossom Flower Agate to overcome obstacles holding you back from your fullest potential in life or business. An excellent stone for manifesting dreams and desires with passion and purpose, Cherry Blossom Flower Agate is the steadfast crystal ally for the journey and the destination.