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Serpentine is a vibrant green stone that invokes ancient wisdom and serpent energy for vitality, rejuvenation and fertility. Its earthy vibration is known to cleanse away imbalance; removing blockages from the chakras and aligning them for optimal energetic flow.

You will receive one Serpentine Tumbled Stone Medium from the lot pictured size approximately 22-31mm, 9-14g.

Interestingly, Serpentine was used by the Romans as a protective stone against sorcery and today it is still recognised as a shield for psychic attack. The appearance of Serpentine can be plain or mottled (similar to snakeskin) and opaque in lime-olive greens. It is a balancing crystal that protects and strengthens the desire to manifest, transform and rebirth with a fresh persepctive giving you the zest to pursue your dreams and destiny.