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Tridacna Gigas is the largest species of giant clams’ bivalve mollusc. It is the soothing white calcium carbonate-based calcite shells of these rare farmed giant clams that are ethically raised and harvested in the tropical oceanic region of the Indo-Pacific.

Polished Tridacna shell has a smooth, lustrous, creamy-white appearance. It is an ideal meditation and energy cleansing tool for magnifying subtle energies that also clears and transmutes negative energy.

You will receive one Tridacna Gigas Tumbled Stone Grade A from the lots pictured size approximately:

XXL: 27-31mm, 30.8-35.6g
XLP: 25-30mm, 25-29g
XL: 25-30mm, 20-24g
Large: 24-30mm, 15-19g
Medium: 27-29mm, 10-14g

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Use Tridacna in your spiritual practices to enhance intuition, mental clarity, manifestation and transformation. Tridacna is a magnificent bio-crystal for the crown chakra that promotes truth, harmony, flow, channelling wisdom, creative inspiration and spiritual enlightenment.