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Elevate your self-care by incorporating a rejuvenating Gua Sha massage which is designed to support muscular relaxation, circulation, toned and radiant, glowing skin. Ancient 13th century Gua Sha practices have evolved from using basic objects to modern-day sculptured crystal tools like the Rose Quartz Gua Sha where you get to reap the benefits of the tool with the added energetic characteristics of the crystal.

You will receive one Rose Quartz Polished Crystal Gua Sha Tool from the lot as pictured sized approximately 85 x 62 x 5mm, 45g. This is a top-quality Rose Quartz fashioned into a polished Gua Sha tool that can be used for face and body.

Create a sacred Gua Sha practice keeping these simple tips in mind:

For facial Gua Sha, use the tool on clean prepped skin using either facial oil or serum.

Wash and dry your hands to remove any excess oil or serum from prepping. Have a small hand towel ready to place your Gua Sha on during the session.

To begin, the Gua Sha tool should be held comfortably flat against the skin using light pressure.

  • Using the longest side, run the tool across the skin in an upwards motion from brow to hairline.
  • Using the shorter, curved side, sweep the tool outwards across the cheek from nose to ear.
  • Using the tool’s V end, sweep from jaw to the ear.
  • Using the tool’s V end, gently and very lightly sweep outwards from under eye to temple.
  • Using the longest side, gently flick the tool upwards on the neck to under the jawline.
  • Using the longest side, sweep the tool upwards on the back of the neck to hairline.

Clean and safely store your Gua Sha tool and be mindful to not drop quartz on a hard surface to prevent breakage.

Rose Quartz is ubiquitous with romantic and spiritual love and above all else, is an enduring heart stone. It is one of the most popular in the crystal kingdom and was thought by the Romans to prevent early aging. It's pink, glowing translucency enraptures us as it did Cleopatra, who nourished her skin with rose quartz infused milky elixirs and facials.

Rose Quartz is a stone of forgiveness and self-love. It is also known as a mothering crystal that can create bonds between mother and child during pregnancy. If you are in need of mothering yourself and are without a mother figure in your life, use Rose Quartz as a touchstone on the spiritual heart chakra to open your heart to unconditional love.

Rose Quartz is also a wonderful sleep crystal. Keep in the bedroom for sweet dreams and use with children who are fearful of the dark.

As an emotional healer, Rose Quartz is beneficial for overcoming abuse and depression; in particular post-natal depression. It's heart-nurturing qualities are particularly powerful for self-worth and attracting love, especially after past relationships.

Rose Quartz carries divine feminine energy and is a dependable, essential crystal ally for empathy, harmony, self-belief and opening the heart to love.