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Prehnite is potent healing stone with highly protective and restorative energies that are revered by lightworkers and healers. Known as a stone of prophecy, Prehnite amplifies the senses and works to cleanse and calm emotions, creating stability and deeper awareness. As a crystal of unconditional love, Prehnite mends the heart chakra, boosting energy flow and emotional wellbeing.

You will receive the one Prehnite Polished Crystal Skull Small pictured size approximately 31.7 x 23 x 25mm, 23.5g. This hand-carved Prehnite Skull is a light green colour with a slightly bluish-green patch at the skull base. It displays surface sparkle and pleasing symmetrical features.

Crystal and stone skulls have been prized throughout history for guidance, understanding and knowledge-gathering. These skulls can act as a portal to higher states of consciousness, wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

After cleansing your crystal skull, align with its energy by holding it in your hands and gazing into its eyes. Keep your crystal skull cleansed and energized.

Use Prehnite for lucid dreaming, prediction, spiritual support for divinatory practices and as a talisman for releasing mental blocks that prevent transformation. Prehnite is found in shades of pale green, yellowish-green, white, grey and colourless.

This stone is known to heal the practitioner and is an essential crystal ally for lightworkers, crystal practitioners, priestesses and anyone who cares for others and requires energetic support and relief from fatigue.