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Pinolith is an ultra-rare semi-precious black and white combination stone of Howlite, Graphite and Dolomite. It is predominantly found at an Austrian Magnesite deposit located in the Lower Tauern mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps.

You will receive one Pinolith Polished Palm Stone XL from the lot pictured size approximately 81 x 50mm, 67-78g. These stunning extra large Pinolith palm stones are polished into a generous-sized oval shape. They are flat not puffy and have a smooth finish with minor natural texture making them tacticle and wonderful to hold.

Pinolith is a stone of heart, mind and practicality that balances the emotions of the heart and the will of the mind with pragmatic, earthy reality. This harmonizing quality makes Pinolith an excellent stone of choice for ideas development, creative thinking, discernment, visualisation, decision making, clarity and insight.

It can be used as a practical tool for meditation and at any point of your spiritual development when you seek to tap into your inner source of wisdom for growth, opportunities and transformation.

Pinolith is also known as Pinolithstein, Pinolite or Märbelstein and it is easy to understand the latter as the appearance of this unique stone does have a marbled effect. Interestingly, during WWII, Pinolith was considered such a valuable source of Manganese that it was mined to aid iron and steel production.

Only recently a second source of Pinolith was discovered in Canada however most of what is currently available is sourced from Austria.