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Orchid Calcite is a deep Tangerine Calcite with occasional trace Black Tourmaline. It is a potent sacral chakra crystal that bursts with vibrant, activating energy. Ideal for igniting passion and the creative muse, Orchid Calcite inspires us to explore our artistic, sensuous self in a safe and imaginative way.

You will receive the one Orchid Calcite Polished Crystal Point as pictured size approximately 88 x 69mm, 383g. This is a premium-grade Orchid Calcite that is predominantly deep tangerine-orange with a very small amount of Black Tourmaline micro speckles. Orchid Calcite is quite captivating and the raw / polished 'cupcake' style gives you the best of both worlds in terms of appreciating the natural crystal with a smoothly, polished tip.

The fiery hues and crackled surface of Orchid Calcite reminds us to act and break free of any limiting beliefs that may hold us back from the flow of our creative genius, zest for life and new experiences.

Use Orchid Calcite for creativity, self-expression, motivation, positivity, expansion, and whenever you need to call a little more magic and joy into your life.