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White Onyx is a magnificent crystal that exudes an aura of purity and clarity, resonating with the frequencies of the crown chakra. It is a form of banded chalcedony that is composed of tiny, interlocking quartz crystals. The pure white colour of the stone signifies the presence of all colours of light, making it a potent amplifier of energy.

You will receive one Onyx White Banded Polished Crystal Pebble from the lot pictured size approximately 26-35 x 45-50mm, 66-109g. This is a quality beginner grade banded White Onxy pebble that is smoothly polished while retaining minimal texture from the acid-wash finish.

The crystal properties of White Onyx help to release negative emotions and thoughts, providing a sense of calm and inner peace. It also enhances intuition, spiritual awareness, and psychic abilities, allowing one to tap into the higher realms of consciousness.

Geographically, White Onyx can be found in various regions around the world, including Brazil, India, Mexico, and the United States. It is often mined in caves or quarries where it is formed over time through the slow crystallization of water and minerals.

Use White Onyx on the crown chakra or third eye during meditation or energy work or carry on the body to promote mental clarity and focus throughout the day.

Overall, White Onyx is a must-have crystal for those seeking to tap into their higher consciousness and find a sense of inner peace and clarity in their lives.