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Moldavite is a rare, mystical and coveted green tektite crystal. It is a type of ancient projectile glass that holds within its crystalline form the enigmatic energies of transformation and awakening. Its origin and metaphysical properties converge to form a bridge between the earthly and the celestial realms and is universally recognised as a potent token for spiritual expansion, insight and communication.

You will receive the one Moldavite Raw Natural Rare Mineral Specimen EQ M3 pictured size approximately 24 x 15 x 9mm, 3.23g.

This is small, elongated shaped Moldavite with a consistent thickness. It is a fine mineral specimen with little surface disturbance, all natural colour and attractive textured appearance. The first two product photographs display a backlit example for colour reference with remaining product photographs taken in natural light.

Authentic Moldavite is extremely rare, always increasing in value and pieces are very hard to find in this high grade condition. Moldavite is a fragile crystal and should never be dropped. Unless when in use for crystal practices or on display, it is recommended to store Moldavite in a soft pouch away from other crystals.

Moldavite originates from a celestial event of immense antiquity, a meteorite impact that occurred approximately 15 million years ago. The cataclysmic meteorite impact created immense heat and pressure, causing the surrounding earth material, along with the meteorite, to melt, fuse, and then be flung skyward, scattering molten droplets far and wide.

This cataclysmic event, thought to have taken place in what is now the southern Germany and Czech Republic region, brought forth this otherworldly gem. The fiery fusion of extraterrestrial matter and Earth's own elements birthed Moldavite, infusing it with an unparalleled cosmic energy. Moldavite was first discovered in the Czech Republic’s Moldau River Valley where its name originates.

With its captivating translucent bottle-green hue, unique texture and irregular shapes, Moldavite resonates strongly with the heart and crown chakras. When held or worn, it acts as a key to unlock the doorways of higher consciousness, facilitating a profound connection to the cosmos and the wisdom of the universe.

Moldavite's energy is electrifying and transformative, akin to a bolt of lightning from the stars. It is known to accelerate personal evolution, often leading to rapid shifts in one's life path. This stone challenges you to break free from the constraints of the past and embrace a future aligned with your highest purpose.

In the realm of metaphysical restoration, Moldavite is celebrated for its ability to stimulate spiritual growth, expand consciousness, and enhance psychic abilities. It encourages lucid dreaming, astral travel, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.

Physically, Moldavite is believed to support the cleansing and rejuvenation of the body, promoting vitality and wellbeing.

Gradually attune to the unique vibrations of Moldavite and allow it to serve as a catalyst for inner transformation and spiritual awakening. Its intense energy may not be for everyone, and it's essential to approach it with reverence and respect.

When you hold Moldavite in your hand or wear it close to your heart, you are holding a piece of the cosmos, a bridge to the stars. This stone is an invitation to embrace the transformative power of the universe and to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and spiritual expansion.

Use Moldavite as your guide on your metaphysical odyssey, propelling you toward cosmic insights, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with your soul and the vast tapestry of existence.