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You will receive one Oracle Card Deck: Magick of You Oracle by Fiona Horne. These cards and guidebook are brand new and unopened in a sealed box.

Magick of You Oracle
Unlock Your Hidden Truths
By: Fiona Horne

The Magick of You Oracle enhances your inner vision, helping you peel back your layers, navigate obstacles and go deep within yourself to uproot recurring problems in your life.

Untangle your challenges and emerge into the light with clarity, peace of mind and an empowered sense of purpose.

In these challenging times, inner vision can become clouded. This oracle is designed specifically for the reader to have confidence in guidance that it is true, unbiased and life-changing.

These cards will elevate you and turn your face to the sun, so that long shadows of the spirit fall behind you. You will be rebirthed on your life path and can then proceed to your next adventure.

Janelle’s view: This modern, ethereal deck has darker, edgier design rich with symbolism and intrigue. The cards feature a mix of imagery, mostly with feminine silhouettes and one masculine form. These are captivating cards that feel accessible and fitting for a modern mystic. The card stock is full gloss coated making the cards slippery and easy to shuffle. The cards are numbered and each corresponding reference in the full-colour guidebook includes a ritual making the deck even more practical to use. The guidebook includes instructions for use and card spreads. Interestingly, this deck can be used to assist you in gaining clarity for other decks and the guidebook gives directions for exploring this option. I was immediately drawn to the Magick of You Oracle. Its 36 cards feel like just the right amount for the overall style and concept. It is well designed and calls you to peer deep into an otherworldly reflection of you. Highly recommended. 

About the Author

Fiona Horne launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of Australian electro-rock band Def FX before authoring several international best-selling modern Witchcraft books. She is a popular radio and television personality having appeared on many programs around the world. She is also a commercial pilot, world record-holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yogini, freediver and Scuba Diver. Fiona now lives in the Caribbean and is an outreach program co-ordinator and humanitarian aid worker, flying school supplies, building tools and clothing to impoverished communities.

Dimensions (cm): 14.0 x 10.2  x 3.3
Weight (kg): 0.27


Please note: The crystals, mala beads and beaded gems pictured with the oracle cards are for display only and are not included for sale in this listing.