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Honey Calcite aka Amber Calcite is a nurturing stone of abundance, empowerment, motivation and decisiveness. As a popular yellow crystal that cultivates joy and harmony, Honey Calcite is an excellent choice for the workplace, social environments and the home. It promotes optimism and gratitude and helps to bring a deeper sense of appreciation and fulfillment.

You will receive the one Honey Calcite Raw Energy Stone Jumbo pictured size approximately 95 x 30 x 35mm, 269g. This chunky, rectangular-shaped Honey Calcite is an uplifting statement crystal with several rainbows and multiple display options.

As a personal power stone, Honey Calcite’s golden and amber hues resonate with the solar plexus chakra. Honey Calcite attracts and helps to flourish so it is ideal for manifesting grids and bringing your intentions to life. Older women may find Honey Calcite useful for boosting self-esteem and restoring feelings of desirability.