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Golden Optical Calcite is also known as Iceland Spar. It is often colourless or can be found in light hues of lavender, pink, green or yellow. As a naturally double-refractive crystal, Optical Calcite is typically full of reflective panes that give the illusion of mirroring. When Optical Calcite is positioned over writing you will see that writing is doubled. No need to adjust your eyesight or glasses - this is perfectly normal and a defining characteristic of the stone.

You will receive one Golden Optical Calcite Polished Geo Shape L2 from the lot as pictured size approximately 40-48mm, 93-98g. This is a spectacular Golden Optical Calcite with rich colour, gemmy Grade AA quality at a great price. Choose your preferred piece via the options menu below and matching the corresponding number as shown.

Use Optical Calcite when seeking opportunities and calling more good fortune into your life and expect to double the luck. As a healing stone, position Optical Calcite at the crown chakra to unblock and clear stagnant energy and activate self-healing.

For those who are critical of themselves, Optical Calcite is the crystal to use for self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.

When in darker golden, amber shades, Optical Calcite also carries the energy and qualities of Golden Yellow Calcite; the crystal you need to brighten your day because this stone simply radiates with uplifting energy. It is a powerful cleanser and amplifier of energy that facilitates higher awareness, emotional intelligence and mental health.

Golden Yellow Calcite is beneficial for deep relaxation, spiritual guidance, revitalisation, motivation and study.