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Garnierite is a bright to minty green Nickel ore found in igneous ultramafic rock. It is best known as a seeker stone; when you are on a quest to call something towards you in life, Garnierite is your crystal ally. It heals and opens the heart chakra and deepens self-love. Radiate your love and intentions out to the universe with a pure heart and allow the love and what you’ve manifested to flow back to you.

You will receive one Garnierite Green Moonstone Polished Pebble Large-XL as pictured size approximately 38-44 x 17-21mm, 28-43g. These Garnierite crystal pebbles are polished into puffy rounded and oval shapes and are smooth and comfortable to hold.

Displaying a a range of contrasting colours including neutrals and greens these Madagascan Garnierite crystal pebbles are an extra quality grade. These chunky palm stone sized pieces are ideal for body placement, holding for meditation or on display in any sacred space.

The vibrancy of Garnierite is dependent on the amount of Nickel and whatever shade of green you find, this is one stone that attracts with its beauty and bright pigmented colour. Wash hands after handling Garnierite and only use indirect method for gem elixirs.