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Garnet Spessartine is a potently joyous crystal which can be found within Limestone formations. This fiery Garnet is rich in Manganese and Aluminium which gives it its characteristic orange-red hue. It holds an incredibly high vibrational frequency that is helpful for enhancing spiritual growth and promoting a sense of calm, release.

You will receive one Garnet Spessartine Limestone Tumbled Stone Medium EQ from the lot pictured size approximately 25-37mm, 9.8-13.6g. These Garnet Spessartine Limestone tumbles are polished into irregular shapes and have plenty of rusty-orange Garnet inclusions. Minor pits and surface grooves are present and consistent with this type of mineral.

Garnet Spessartine Limestone promotes energetic flow throughout the body and facilitates lower chakra blockage release. Known for its ability to stimulate the sacral chakra, which is associated with creativity and sexuality, this rare and highly coveted crystal can help to align the chakras and enhance overall vitality.

Use Garnet Spessartine Limestone to enhance emotional balance, foster deeper self-connection and advance your potential and readiness to flourish with passion and confidence.

When working with Garnet Spessartine Limestone, it is important to set intentions and approach the crystal with an open heart and mind. Its energy can be intense and may require some adjustment, but with patience and practice, this crystal can help to unlock new levels of creativity and self-awareness.