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Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings that is filled with feminine energy making it an ideal stone for priestesses and those who wish to embody the goddess. Moonstone comes in a variety of colours ranging from silver, cream, tangerine, peach, black and white, which is more commonly associated with Rainbow Moonstone.

You will receive the one Black Moonstone Polished Crystal Freeform as pictured size approximately 1100 x 51 x 32mm, 355g. This Madagascan Black Moonstone freeform is a stylish display crystal and an excellent choice for new moon rituals, intention setting, and creative expansion. It is a touchstone for manifestation and birthing dreams into reality. Minor irregularities like the odd rough spot or groove is common in Moonstone. This piece has lovely sheen with little rainbow pops. 

The pearly sheen of Moonstone gives it an inner glow and like the moon, is associated with the female reproductive cycle.

Moonstone activates intuition and enhances metaphysical abilities. It balances masculine and feminine energies and its properties are more potent during a waxing moon.

Use Moonstone to support deep emotional healing. It may be placed on the solar plexus to draw out unwanted emotional patterning.