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Atlantisite is a rare combination stone of green Serpentine and purple Stitchtite originating from Tasmania, Australia. It is known as a stone of wisdom, compassion and forgiveness, as well as inner fire as it activates Kundalini energies.

You will receive the one Atlantisite Polished Crystal Sphere EQ pictured size approximately 52mm, 177g. This is an extra quality grade Australian Atlantisite with green Serpentine and purple Stitchtite inclusions. The sphere comes with a bonus Hematite ring stand for immediate placement and enjoyment.

Atlantisite cultivates harmony and is a useful stone for the workplace or environments to create a welcoming, happy space. Serpentine has an earthy, grounding energy and Stitchite protects against negativity.

Use Atlantisite to align the crown and heart chakras. Atlantisite is said to be linked to ancient civilisations Atlantis and Lemuria is an effective emotional healing stone.