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Angelite is an opaque, pale blue anhydrite that forms without the presence of water. Angelite soothes away tension, displeasure and is ideal for stress relief. If you seek angelic connection, then Angelite is your stone. It's protective and soul nourishing qualities promotes healing and forgiveness. This stone holds a peaceful, gentle energy and is known to be a soothing crystal for children.

You will receive one Angelite Tumbled Stone XL from the lot pictured size approximately 23-28mm, 22-28g.

Angelite may display small white spots which is a typical characteristic of the stone. Interestingly, Gypsum (or Selenite) can also change into anhydrite through compression because it too is a sulphate of calcium, unlike Celestite which has a completely different chemical structure yet is often mistaken as a different form of 'Angelite' due to its similarity in colour.