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Shungite is a potent, non-crystalline carbon mineraloid found in Russia. It contains fullerenes; an antioxidant that absorbs and neutralises electromagnetic fields (EMFs) created by electronic devices. Shungite’s qualities include protection, detoxification, purification and overall health and wellness support.

The star shaped Merkaba (also known as Merkabah) symbol in its most simplistic terms means light-spirit-body. It is comprised of intertwined tetrahedrons that together create a three-dimensional energy field. The Merkaba protects and elevates spiritual consciousness and connection to higher realms.

You will receive one Shungite Polished Stone Merkaba XXL from the lot pictured size approximately 27mm, 29-31g. Due to its rarity, Shungite prices are typically high and it's considered an must-have stone because of it's vast abilities.

Mer means light, Ka means Spirit and Ba means Body representing light surrounding the union of spirit and body. The harmoniously formed Merkaba is a symbol of unity, unconditional love, peace and oneness.

Use Shungite in meditation and crystal practices for stress release, counteracting headaches, alleviating anxiety and whenever calmness and grounding are required to rejuvenate the body, soul and spirit.

Only polished Elite Noble Shungite which is a higher-grade Shungite is suitable to be used for water purification and said to have positive benefits for general health and the immune system.