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Agate is known as a peaceful, calming stone that is prized for its master restorative abilities. A popular stone in ancient times and present, Agate’s gentle, dependable and stabilizing qualities help to settle and focus the mind. As a banded form of Chalcedony, Agate is formed primarily in volcanic pockets within the Earth’s crust, creating thousands of uniquely stunning varieties.

You will receive the one Agate Polished Crystal Crescent Moon 01 as pictured size approximately 88 x 65 x 32mm, 334g. This is a large, high-grade Brazilian Agate that has been expertly carved and polished into a crescent moon featuring a sparkly, druzy vug and micro rainbow pops here and there.

Sourced from Brazil, use Agate when you seek more ease, flow and balance in your life, for restful sleep and to overcome feelings of anxiety and melancholy. Allow Agate to draw out any negative emotions to pave the way for greater self-love and optimism.