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Rose Quartz is ubiquitous with romantic and spiritual love and above all else, is an enduring heart stone. A pendulum is a practical energy tool used in dowsing and divining.

A pendulum is a practical energy tool used in dowsing and divining. Pendulums are typically used to answer simple yes or no questions and assist in every day decision making.

You will receive one Rose Quartz Polished Crystal Pendulum Grade A from the lot pictured size approximately 38mm (tapered, faceted pendulum). The attached chain measures roughly 25mm and includes a single 15mm diameter silver plated ring with a thickness of approximately 2mm.

Rose Quartz is a stone of forgiveness and self-love. It is also known as a mothering crystal that can create bonds between mother and child during pregnancy. If you are in need of mothering yourself and are without a mother figure in your life, use Rose Quartz as a touchstone on the spiritual heart chakra to open your heart to unconditional love.

Rose Quartz is beneficial for overcoming abuse and depression; in particular post-natal depression. It's heart-nurturing qualities are particularly powerful for self-worth and attracting love, especially after past relationships.

Rose Quartz carries divine feminine energy and is a dependable, essential crystal ally for empathy, harmony, self-belief and opening the heart to love.

It is important to cleanse a pendulum before you begin working with it. To establish the yes and no direction of your pendulum think of a few yes or no style questions that you already know the answer to first.