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Pyrite is a brassy metallic Iron Sulphide that forms as cubes, multifaceted crystals or dodecahedral shapes. It's golden, reflective finish is reminiscent of treasure and indicates the stone's purpose of wealth attraction, prosperity, abundance and good fortune.

You will receive one Pyrite Raw Natural Cluster XXQ from the lot pictured size approximately 40-50 x 18-35mm, 51-89g. These spectactular Peruvian Pyrite clusters are extra, extra quality grade. Each cluster was chosen for its bright, shiny gold colour and attractive formation. They truly sparkle! Sourced from the Huanzala Mine (Huallanca District Ancash Region). Perfect for display, crystal practices or as a central stone in a crystal grid. Choose your preferred cluster via the options menu below.

Although it looks similar to Gold,Pyrite is distinguishable from Gold by surface striations (growth lines) hence it's other name fool's gold.

Pyrite is an excellent choice for wealth grids, feng shui (wealth corner) and placed where valuables are stored or transactions are made. It can be worn as an aura negativity shield.