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Tourmalinated Quartz is highly restorative Quartz crystal embedded with Black Tourmaline needles or shards. As a balancing stone, Tourmalinated Quartz excels as the two mighty minerals synergize to purify and cleanse energy, bringing about state of serenity. Black Tourmaline is powerfully protective and grounding whilst at the same time Quartz, the master healer and amplifier, brings clarity and raises awareness.

You will receive one Tourmalinated Quartz Polished Crystal Bracelet from the lot pictured size approximately 17g, 8mm beads. The bracelet is stretchy and one size fits most. This extra quality grade bracelet is ideal for anyone who seeks more life/work balance.

Use Tourmalinated Quartz with the crown and base chakra as a personal energy tool that collects and transmutes negativity and elevates you to a higher state of consciousness.

Around the home or sacred spaces, Tourmalinated Quartz helps neutralize energetic toxicity.