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You will receive one Oracle Card Deck: Spiral Oracle by Lili Acuña. These cards and guidebook are brand new and unopened.

Spiral Oracle Deck
A 62-Card Oracle Deck and Guidebook
By: Lili Acuña

The Spiral Oracle has been created with deep and loving intention. It's a tool with which you can hear your inner voice and find clarity, thus establishing an honest and caring dialogue with yourself and the world around you.

Each card is a mirror of your own inner world with the potential to reveal valuable information that lives within you.

This deck comprises a special selection of 62 pieces of art by visionary artist Lili Acuña and a guide book with inspirational messages pertaining to each card.

Words from the Author:

The Spiral Oracle is very intimate to me, is full of profound learnings and it is an honour to me share all these processes and reflections with you. This Oracle works in a very simple way, at its core, it is always guided by the present moment and the inner vision, also works upon the idea of synchronicity and integration. That is, what is to come, shall come.

The Spiral Oracle is a loving guide that can help you to listen to yourself better in order that you can create an honest and caring dialogue with your inner self. It works like a mirror, every card is like a window to your inner world. You can find images that speak to you in a deeper language, a visual language that manifests as an inner mirror, like a map that shows you your inner, beautiful and rich living world.

You can access the symbolic world, the spiritual world... and the Oracle becomes an instrument, a key to access your own sacred world. It's a tool to open beautiful doors to your soul, your mystery, your mind and also to your spirit.

I named it the “Spiral Oracle”, honouring the upward spiral of life. It's because in the Spiral 'idea' I can really see the piece of a larger picture, reminding me of the cycles and the only constant of life: change.

My intention with the Spiral Oracle is that you embrace the mystery of looking through a little window infinitely inward, infinitely outward in this expansive spiral of life.

May it become a useful tool to help you in your path.

Original Artwork by Lili Acuña.

Janelle’s view: The Spiral Oracle showcases the visually lush, artistic work ofLili Acuña who shares her reflections of honouring an upward spiral movement of life. Her intentions, inspiration, insights, and reflections are depicted through an expansive colour palette flowing from bejewelled tones to neon. The expressive themes and interpretations include sacred geometry, symbolism, mudras, chakras, spirals, key concepts and moments in life all interwoven in the art for deeper exploration and unravelling of subconscious meanings. This highly creative and spiritual oracle deck is a thoroughly original body of work from a skilled artist sharing her perspective of life, nature, the Universe and personal journey. The unnumbered, larger format cards show artwork surrounded by a white border with a simple title. The guidebook includes how to work with and interpret the cards and has an alphabetised card listing with meanings. The card stock has a smooth finish matte coating which shuffle well. I found the artist’s musings worthy of contemplation and the cards receptive to my own interpretation. Highly recommended.

About the Author

Lili is originally from Chile, and her career has taken her to many different countries including New Zealand, Argentina, USA, Peru, Italy, England and Thailand. Today she resides on the East coast of Australia. She has degrees in Visual Arts and Education, as well as a diploma in Systemic-Strategic Coaching, and is also studying Traditional Amazonian Medicine.


  • 62 Full Color 3.5x5.75in cards
  • Full Color, Soft touch, Magnetic Rigid Box
  • Guide book with Card Messages

Please note this new, original card deck is not shrink-wrapped in plastic. The author has opted to encase the deck in a cardboard sleeve with an external paper wrapping. Decks sold by Soulmate Crystals are guaranteed to be new and unopened.

Please note: The crystals and beaded gems pictured with the oracle cards are for display only and are not included for sale in this listing. 

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Customer Reviews

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This is my first oracle deck. The artwork is beautiful and full of hidden meaning. The accompanying book provides well set out and thoughtful information on interacting with the cards and your subconscious. The deck itself is high quality and comes in a beautiful sturdy heavy cardboard box with a magnetic clasp. Overall this is just what I was hoping for and am very pleased with my purchase.

Hi Liz, what an exceptional deck to start with for your first oracle cards. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this positive review.
xo Janelle